Business Concept

Steady and Pragmatic Positive and Innovative
Sustainable Management Back Coupling Society

Business Policy

For business running, the dazzling thinking is not the way for surviving, but the execution.

ISO 9001 Quality Policy

Development and Innovation, Continued Improvement
Customers' Satisfaction, Quality Priority

ISO 14001 Environmental Policy

Frontlynk has kept in mind to provide high quality RF/ Microwave Coaxial Connectors and Adaptors. Our company considers the "Green Earth Concept" while we develop higher technologies. Our company does our best to implement the environmental management system in accordance with regulation requirements of ISO 14001, RoHS, WEEE, and EuP. Our company applies this concept to our green and leadless design, manufacturing, and other processes. Our company would like to contribute to the sustainable development and pure earth for next generations.

The products and relevant actions/ services have relationships with industry and livelihood; however, they would also impact the environment and energy. Our company would do our best for customers and social responsibilities and would contribute to environmental protection.

Our Company Promises

  1. To obey the regulations and requirements of environmental protection, our company implements the environmental improvements and pollution preventions consistently.
  2. To keep the environmental protection systems actively and effectively and to implement our environmental objects and targets.
  3. To reduce the hazardous substances to fit the requirement of RoHS and customers' standards.
  4. To publicize the environmental protection concept, enhance the environmental protection awareness to employees and to execute them effectively.
  5. To economize the energy consumption and to implement the sort of wasted.
  6. To publicize the environmental policy and to be a good neighbor.

IECQ QC 080000 Hazardous Substance Free Policy

  1. Whole company obeys the HSF and customers' relevant standard and requirements.
  2. Prevent and continuously improve the pollution of materials, process, transmission and delivery.
  3. Enhance employees' realization of HSF and continuously communicate with customers and suppliers.